master alloys

A master alloy is a base metal such as Aluminium, Copper or Nickel combined with a relatively high percentage of one or two other elements. A master alloy is a semi-finished product ,which is used  as a raw material by the metals industry. Master alloys are produced in various shapes Like  ingot, piglet  ,waffle plate, rod , lumps, chips, etc.

Applications :

Changing the composition of the liquid metal to achieve the desired chemical specification. -- Structure control - influencing the microstructure of a metal during the casting and solidification process in order to change its properties like mechanical strength, ductility, electrical conductivity, Castability

A master alloy also referred to as "hardener", "grain refiner" or "modifier" depending on its application.



Nickel master alloys

Alloy  Designation Density ,gm/cc Shape size ,mm MOQ
Ni-4-8%Mg IDI-N6M 8.47 Irregular 10-50  
Ni-14-16% Mg  IDI-N15M 7.8 Irregular 10-50  
Ni-16-18%Mg IDI-N17M 7.6 Irregular 10-50  
Ni-5-6%Ca IDI-N6Ca 8.47 Irregular 10-50  
Ni-9-11%Ca IDI-N10Ca 8.11 Irregular 10-50  



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